Although, this falls outside my own topic which is geographically limited to the Scandinavian countries, I draw your attention to the annual Holocaust Reflection Contest, an initiative by Nova Southeastern University in Ft. Lauderdale. Competition rules and other facts are at this part of the Nova website where you’ll also see that the 2019-competition forms are available in December 2018.

For a PDF-COPY OF FLYER to be shared with students, and fellow teachers, click here:

Organized for all middle and high school students in the State of Florida, this initiative teaches students to study testimonials of survivors and then reflect on what they have learned so that they’ll always understand how they can apply  this knowledge to their daily life choices. The choice of categories for the competition is:

Writing (essay or poem), Visual Art, and Film.

As a judge in the finals of the essay portion, I have been greatly impressed by the quality and thoughtfulness of these young writers. Check out  previous winners and submission rules at the comprehensive website 

Better yet, begin with an actual visit to The Craig and Barbara Weiner Holocaust Reflection Resource Center on the 2d floor of the Alvin Sherman Library! Replete with some unusual Holocaust-related memorabilia, this center is a place conducive to reflecting on a time of our history that we must never forget.  For driving directions and more, go to Nova’s main website