The Foreign Consuls Among Us is written for every person in the United States who, when interacting with a foreign consul in the cultural, business, or educational arena, has ever been confused by persistent misinformation and incorrect terminology.

Today, there’s a consular presence in all fifty states and this has resulted in an increasing number of individuals and communities wanting to move from what I call the “insular to the consular.” The book is specifically geared towards the following American audiences on the front-line of that kind of micro-level diplomacy by our citizens:

1. All communities with a consular presence. These range from small municipalities and other administrative units to one or more states.

2. Corporate executives and commercial interest groups. By knowing how to tap into the consular network in a professional manner, anyone seeking to become a serious player in the global economy will benefit from understanding the consular institution.

3. Colleges and universities with an international dimension. Today’s fast-growing cross-border education movement requires a full knowledge of the functions and role of a foreign consul.

4. Organizations seeking the benefits of a consular network. These groups range from traditional membership organizations to those engaging in international advocacy.

5. Career and honorary consuls with a stake in being recognized for their official position. Both categories will find this book useful as reference material for themselves and the communities in which they function.

The above targeted readers can be filtered down into one small unit: that of  the individual, since education always begins with one person.

An easy-to-read reference book and teaching tool, this book contains a comprehensive glossary and each chapter begins with real-live dilemmas, followed by suggested resolutions. It’s the only one of its kind that also has a Question and Answer section.