My name is Cami Hofstadter and I’m a lifelong writer.

This is how I mainly identify myself today, although, like with most people, I have several identities. A European and U.S.-educated lawyer, with a Ph.D. in Educational Leadership, I’m retired from being a foreign consul for many years who also had a career as a former law school administrator and adjunct professor. Throughout all these phases I never stopped nurturing my love for the written word.

The best preparation any person gets is the life she’s led. While I grew up in war-torn Helsinki, Finland, my beloved America is where life truly began for me. A wife and mother, I love to play golf and tennis, and dance with my husband. A plethora of cultural offerings in South Florida adds yet another dimension to our life, while we also like to expand our horizons by cruising to other parts of the world.

Today, I continue to lecture and write in a great variety of genres, ranging from the more academic (the role of the foreign consuls throughout our communities, as well as about the Jews in Scandinavia during World War II) to human interest, memoiristic, and other inspiring topics.

Welcome to my home page! I’d love to hear from you.

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