Consular Corps Retrospect

Revisiting Our Understanding Of Consular Officers

As I say in the book The Foreign Consuls Among Us: Local Bridges to Globalism, a consular corps is a body in and of itself and it does not take a separate action (like a vote by members). Interestingly, history and the literature doesn’t even support the term [consular] “corps” as is already quite evident in the international convention. When delegates met in Vienna in 1963 to adopt an international treaty on consular relations, they did indeed debate the inclusion of a corps but, just as two years earlier when the diplomatic convention had rejected references to a diplomatic corps, “consular corps” doesn’t appear anywhere in the formally adopted document.

Few groups suffer from as much misunderstanding


There was no telling how long ago the consular corps had “arrived” in Miami. Mostly, the 1950s was mentioned but nobody was quite certain. One local obituary even said the deceased had been instrumental in “founding” the corps (now, the 60s).

When I set out to conduct research on the roots of the Consular Corps of Miami...